Program Planning 2023-25

Please join us as the Washington County League's board reviews the existing State positions.

League positions at the state level allow us to support or oppose issues before the General Assembly and the Executive Branch in Maryland. Positions also let us collaborate with other organizations that have similar views. The positions of the LWVMD are adopted after a committee has conducted a study and produced a fact sheet and consensus questions. Discussion and input from the local leagues determine whether there is consensus on the issue and, therefore, an LWVMD position.

We will vote by category or individual item (or both). Our choices will be Retain, Update or Drop for each item or category. Here is an outline of the current positions along with links to each on the State website:

  1. Category: Government
  2. Category: Election Process
  3. Category: Ethics
  4. Category: Firearms Control 
  5. Category: Fiscal Policy
  6. Category: Local Government 
  7. Category: Redistricting 
  8. Category: State Constitution 
  9. Category: Natural Resources 
  10. Category: Social Policy
January 12, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Will you come?