Youth Engagement Council

The Washington County League has been brainstorming ways to engage young people in the task 


of making democracy work. On this page we will share some of our conversations, a rationale, dreams and the beginnings of a youth led council, resourced by League members. 

Here's how we plan to get started:

  • We will use this webpage for initial outreach.
  • We will allow students to pick a platform like Slack as a primary method of sharing and collecting information. 
  • We will use platforms like Instagram and posters for outreach in the fall of 2022. 
  • Initially we will target freshman because they are not already over-extended. 
  • We will emphasize leadership opportunities for all, networking, and a voice in the community. 
  • Meetings will be less than 30 minutes and will start after 8:00 p.m.
  • There will be no officers, as we hope to teach leadership skills and give everyone a chance to lead. 
  • Initial meetings will be foundational and might follow this pattern: 
    • Meeting 1. 15-20 minutes about County Commissioners. 
    • Meeting 2. 15-20 minutes about how they work. 
    • Meeting 3. 15-20 minutes about the latest issues. 
    • Meeting 4. start giving students choices on engagement.